Hey, I'm Taylor!

I like living a little bit (understatement) against the grain. I live simply, eat to feel good. analyze the products that cross the threshold of my home, and I'd rather pay for an experience than add an item to my physical belongings.

I love people hard, dream big, and love to help people realize their buried passions after believing the lie that they are incapable or unworthy. I like to pay attention to the details which means I can suffer from perfectionism if I'm not careful. I love living in wellness, purpose, abundance, and inviting the people I love to live it out with me.

I love being married to my middle school sweetheart, hot husband. He's a gem for loving me hard, even when, especially when, I don't deserve it. He's the best daddy. He serves me, our family, community, and country. He's my hero. He picks up the pieces. He excels in the areas I lack. We have a son, Liam, who was born in November of 2015. No, we are not pregnant with the next one yet. Liam is a firecracker, extremely stubborn, and independent. I have no clue where he gets it.
I love: amazon prime | traveling | planning big events | fried plantains in coconut oil + pink salt |  Young Living Peace & Calming | people watching | DIY-ing just because I'm frugal | advocating for wellness

I dislike: washing dishes | clutter | spending 54257798 hours to cook a nourishing meal | going to bed early


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